Holistic Horse Health: The Buzz From the Barn

Madalyn Ward, DVM shares her answers to specific holistic horse care questions from clients. To see more questions and answers on real holistic horse care situations check out our Holistic Horsekeeping and Horse Harmony Facebook pages.

Q – Just got 2 weeks ago what I think is an Earth horse. Lots of changes for him with the move from different environment and lots of kids riding him former home to now having a single older rider who only is able to get out to see him and ride 3-4 times a week. He is in boarding and is in training too. I want to make sure he is healthy and happy and from what I’ve read I’m thinking he needs the bluegreen algae??

A – You are correct that an Earth horse would really miss the interaction with lots of kids. Earth horses also do very well with this form of the powdered algae blend. I would give 1/2 to 1 tsp a day.

Q – I have been reading your articles about using slippery elm and aloe vera juice for ulcers. I have a local source for slippery elm but it is a powdered form instead of the cut/sifted that you talk about. Is that OK to use?

A – That is fine to use the powder instead of the cut/sifted, but you will need to use less than you would with the cut/sifted. I suggest 1 TBSP twice a day of the powdered for an ulcer. Not sure what Aloe Vera juice you are planning to use, but know that there are differences in effects as not all of them are processed the same way. I use the Pharm-Aloe brand as it is a very pure source and therefore more potent. You can see more about it if you are interested at https://holistichorsekeeping.com/pharm-aloe.html.

Q – I have been reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. Saw one article you talked about a fire horse, wondering what that is?

A – Fire is a temperament type. Check out www.horsetemperament.com to find out more about it and the other temperament types.