Feed for horses: Chia seeds are a perfect fat source

I have been looking for a perfect fat source as a feed for horses for over 2 years. It seems that almost all sources of fat as a feed for horses also have a down side. I have finally found one that seems to be perfect. Chia seeds!

My good friend, Trish, introduced me to the chia seeds as a feed for horses a few years ago and I looked at them but did not try any. Since then I have used flax seeds and oil, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds, rice bran, coconut oil and soy oil. None of these have given me the consistent results I was looking for.

My perfect fat source as a feed for horses would have these characteristics:

1. Good balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

2. Easy to feed and store

3. Least amount of processing possible

4. No need to grind or soak

5. Whole food with other nutrient content besides fat

6. Affordable

After lots of frustration I renewed my look at chia. I ordered some seeds and started several horses on them. I have been really, really, pleased with the results. Chia seeds appear to be the perfect feed for horses that need some extra fat. They are nutrient dense and balanced in omega 3 fatty acids which makes them perfect for insulin resistant and cushings horses.

Even small amounts of chia seeds appear to have a positive effect on hair coat and hoof health. Horses eat them readily. I am giving only 1 ounce a day to my healthy horses that also get packets of bluegreen algae, probiotics, and enzymes for digestive support. I would not hesitate to give up to a half a cup to a horse with major issues with inflammation or other health problems. So far, it is looking like I have found my perfect fat as a feed for horses. Madalyn

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