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The Water Dog

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How to have a healthy happy horse Dr. Madalyn Ward

When I think of a Water dog I think of a Greyhound. A Greyhound is sensitive and intelligent yet fast and athletic. The Greyhounds I have known are super smart and they crave a safe environment, especially if they have been raced. The organs associated with Water are the Kidneys and bladder.
The body type of the Greyhound is long and lean. This is typical of the Water element but if these dogs don’t get exercise they can gain weight. A balanced Water dog is friendly and alert but when out of balance he can become very fearful and overly anxious. Off the track Greyhounds may take a long time to develop trust if they got frightened when being trained and raced.
Lower back pain, bone and dental problems can develop in an out of balance Water dog. I like the probiotic, acidophilus, and algae with the cell wall removed so the amino acids are more concentrated, If your Water dog has trouble relaxing or struggles with any stress then I would give PhytoAdrenal at the rate of 1/2cc a day over several months to support the adrenal glands.
Diet should include quality protein such as eggs, beef and cottage cheese. Fruits such as
blueberries and cranberries are very good. Green vegetables are especially good to provide minerals.
Water dogs like people they can trust so they may need time to get to know someone before they want to get close. They tend to be good with kids and make great family dogs.

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