February 2014 – Mid Month Update

February 2014 – Mid Month Update

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Horse Temperament: Is Your Jue Yin Horse Taking Over?


Horse Temperament: Is your Jue Yin horse taking over?
Basic horsemanship principles teach that the horse is a herd animal and therefore needs to know who is the leader of the herd. This need to have a strong leader shows itself differently depending on the horse temperament. The Jue Yin (Wood/Fire) horse is a very independent, fun loving individual and he sometimes struggles with the concept of following a leader. This type horse has a tendency to take over in some situations, make bad choices and blame you for the outcome.

Who’s the Boss?
For instance, if you are riding your Jue Yin trail horse and he sees a new trail that you have not explored before, he is likely to want to take over and head down the new trail without being sent there. If you give in to his wish, because the trail looks fun to you as well, then you are actually planting seeds of doubt in the Jue Yin horse that you are still the leader. This lack of leadership makes the Jue Yin horse nervous and now he thinks, instead of enjoying the new trail, he needs to look for danger because you aren’t trustworthy in the leadership role.

Out of Control
Next thing you know your Jue Yin horse is snorting and jumping at shadows. His body is starting to get braced as he gets more anxious. Now, when you attempt to regain a soft relaxed feel with him, he resists you and gets more stiff and tight. Pretty soon all control is lost and you are just happy to make it back to the barn without getting hurt. You wonder what changed to ruin a ride that started out being so fun. Your horse wonders the same thing.

If this scenario sounds familiar then you probably have a Jue Yin horse who is in the habit of taking over. With the passage of time the gradual eroding of respect the Jue Yin horse has for you will create bigger behavior issues and a very unhappy horse.

Back in Control
Let’s look at a better scenario. You are riding your Jue Yin horse and you both see a new trail that looks inviting. Your horse heads straight for it. You stop him immediately and go back on the trail you were on. If you get any disrespectful behavior you stop and ask him to bend his head both directions and move his feet where you direct them. You are not punishing him for heading down the trail without permission, but simply reminding him that, even though you are happy for his input, you will be the one to make this decision.

As soon as your Jue Yin horse relaxes and goes where you direct you can head down the new trail. Your Jue Yin horse realizes that you are paying attention so he can relax and enjoy the scenery. You have a wonderful ride and get back to the barn happy and ready for the next adventure.

You maintaining leadership is important for all horse temperament types but the fun loving Fire nature of the Jue Yin can sometimes cause you to relax in your role. When you don’t show strong leadership, the dominant Wood side of the Jue Yin can show up. Although he may not act like it, your Jue Yin does not really want to lead. He wants to depend on you so he can focus on having fun. Be the person he can depend on and you will enjoy the Jue Yin horse temperament immensely.

Horse Temperament Type Resources
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