Detoxification: Just the Facts, Please

We hear the word “detoxification” so often these days that it’s become a common part of our language, but do we really know what it is? If
you’ve been a little confused about detoxing, this article will give you some basics about it. Our bodies detoxify everyday – it’s simply the process of processing or getting rid of toxins through the colon,
liver, kidney, lungs, lymph or skin.

Detoxification is the body’s way of getting rid of the pollutants
we’re exposed to daily in our environment.
These can include
industrial chemicals in our water, pesticides in our food, heavy
metals and second-hand smoke. Unfortunately, these days we are exposed
to so many toxins that our bodies can’t get rid of them fast enough.
That’s why it’s often necessary for us to use herbs, nutrition and
other alternative therapies to assist our bodies in the detox process.

Do You Need to Cleanse Your Body?
How do you know if you need to detox? Here are some symptoms to look

* Frequent or unexplained headaches
* Bad breath or body odor
* Poor memory or sleep patterns
* Allergies
* Poor digestion, gas, bloating
* Chronic respiratory or sinus problems

If you do have some of the above symptoms or just feel the need for a
good “clean out,” we recommend you go on a 3-7 day juice fast. A juice
fast means you don’t eat anything, but drink only water and fresh
juices. Fresh juices (that you need to juice each day) increase the
cleansing process by picking up waste material and moving it out of
the body. A fast that is shorter than 3 days doesn’t give you enough
benefit, and most people don’t have the stamina for longer fasts. We
also suggest you add these convenient packets of 2 kinds of algae, probiotics, and enzymes to your fast for gentler yet better cleansing effects.

Good luck!


Guest post: Alan Joel

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