I have been so concerned lately about my horses not having any fresh feed. I have always had the luxury of pasture even if it was never enough to meet all their needs. Because of the extended drought my horses have not had any fresh feed in about 18 months. It is typical for pasture to be low in the middle of the summer or winter but my horses have had only hay for way too long.

There is only so much I can do with feed supplements. I have increase their blue green algae and put out a equipride tub for them to eat free choice but they are still starving for anything fresh. I am giving more carrots and they gobble them up. After studying the literature carefully I bought some chaffhaye. This product is processed by fermentation so the enzymes stay active. It comes in a sealed bag and has a nice fresh odor.

I have heard about chaffhaye for years but had never felt the need to add it to my horse feeding program. One of my clients with a horse with severe insulin resistance had used it with great success. The fermentation process breaks down the sugars into lactic acid so the chaffhaye has even less sugar than most baled hays.

I was concerned that my horses might not eat it so I added a very small amount to their low starch pellets. They all loved it. Even Cerise ate it! I am hopeful that I can gradually increase the amounts to maybe 20% of the diet and still keep hay out since I can only get the alfalfa version in my area. The last alfalfa hay I got was mostly stem so I will stop feeding the that and use the chaffhaye instead. Madalyn

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