Bud June 23

Bud did very well yesterday and ate most of a small flake of coastal hay. In the past when he has eaten much coastal he has acted like he had an impaction. This makes me think his gut does not have good motility. It is possible he has a sensitivity to the coastal but he has not acted the way I would expect if that were the case.

This morning he was in the stall nickering for his breakfast but again laid down after eating. The difference is that he can now eat a full scoop of feed where before he could only eat a few bites and then he would lay down. It would take him several hours to eat a full scoop of feed. This is one reason I looked at lycopodium because it has the symptom of feeling full after only a small amount of food.

Bud is drinking well and his attitude seems good. I amy send him home tomorrow if he does well today. I feel there is still some healing needed but I have a good idea of what is going on. Madalyn

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