Bud Jun 25

Bud munching hay

Bud munching hay

Bud is hanging in despite high heat and humidity. With 100+ temps and heat indexes up to 105 even my stomach is upset. I have found with Bud that he has the most trouble if he eats all he wants so even though he is not to the weight I want I am rationing his feed to what I think he can handle without having a setback.

He had the Lyc 200c Sunday night and looked great on Monday. As per the pattern he had a rough day Tues. and yesterday but today he looks good. I am going to feed him sparingly today and see if I can keep him moving forward.

It was sure hard to resist giving him a remedy last night. He was laying down and looking at his flanks after eating a full dinner. I listened and his motility was good and he had gassy sounds on the right. I mixed up a dose of pulsatilla to have ready if he continued to deteriorate but I did not have to give it.

I am giving Bud KLPP and blue green algae with each feeding to help re establish his gut flora and give nutrition to build his gut wall. I give him probiotics periodically. His weight is pretty good considering his up and down eating pattern. I have tried aloe and slippery elm but this does not seem to help him. I don’t think he has ulcers and I feel his pattern has shifted more to a functional motility issue than actual inflammation.

I believe Bud is a Shao Yin(Fire/Water) horse temperament and in my experience this type can be prone to deep seated metabolic imbalances. They can be hard to maintain at a steady weight. I put some free choice minerals out today but Bud has not found them yet. It will be interesting to see if he eats any of them. Madalyn

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