Big and small miracles

I wrote this a few weeks ago but did not post it because I figured out my chicken roosted in a tree and then joined the other chickens in the yard after I let them out so it was not quite the miracle I thought. I am posting it now because it seems every time I turn on the TV I am hearing about some other dramatic rescue. There is so much turmoil in the world right now but I feel it is all part of God’s plan to bring as many people as possible closer to him.

I have been following the story of the miracle plane crash on the Hudson river. What an amazing series of events that led to the crash and the rescue of all the people. How many pilots have the training to deal with this kind of emergency? It is so clear to me that God was in total control and planned this event to give us a sign of his presence when our country is having some major difficulties.

I have a small miracle of my own to report. Last tuesday night I saw that I was not going to get home until very late from my horse calls so at 8pm on a very cold night I called my cousin, Sonny(also my partner in fence building), and asked him to lock my chickens in. He did but he next morning one was missing. I was depressed to lose Gwen and felt bad that I had not called Sonny earlier to lock the chickens in.

With the loss of Gwen I have become a bit paranoid and count my chickens several times a day. When I locked them in last night I was missing another hen. Now I was really depressed as this told me something was getting them during the day and their life as free roaming chickens would have to end. After a sleepless night of worrying about fox and coons I woke up this morning and my chicken was with the others in the coop.

I do not believe I could have missed her in my count because I did it about 10 times and looked in every nesting spot carefully. I think God hid her as a warning to me to keep a closer watch on my flock. I have prayed for their protection from harm but realize I need to do my part as well. They are locked up now and not happy but I have a plan for enlarging their yard area and I will let them out only when I can be close to keep an eye on them.

I feel miracles are on the rise as I am hearing about and experiencing more stories of events that are very special. I feel the more we look for them the more we will see. Madalyn
PS I have lost another hen during the middle of the day since I wrote this so the chickens have to stay in unless I can be outside with them. I opened up the barn so they have as much space a possible. They are coping nicely.

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