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Horse Ulcers: Holistic Treatments for Each Type of Ulcer

In previous articles I discussed the four different kinds of horse ulcers, and the reasons why they develop. In this month’s newsletter I discuss holistic treatments for each type of ulcer, since no single treatment works for every kind of ulcer. Treating Different Kinds of Horse Ulcers Since ulcers in different part of the digestive tract … Continue Reading »

Laminitis Horses: How to Manage Their Horse Health Care This Spring

Owners of laminitis horses are starting to chew their fingernails because spring is just around the corner. Despite record cold weather in parts of the country, green grass and other signs of spring are popping up regardless. This, of course, makes people who have laminitis horses quite nervous! If you are one of those people, … Continue Reading »

Does Your Horse Trust You?

Trust and like are two very different qualities, especially when it comes to your horse. Many horses like but don’t always trust their owners. Well-known horsemanship clinician Tom Dorrance feels that a horse’s trust for his owner is the foundation of the relationship. If your horse doesn’t trust you then his instinct for self-preservation will … Continue Reading »

Horse Joint Care in 3 Simple Steps

When it comes to horse health care, joint care can be one of the most confusing issues for horse owners. It can be difficult to decide how best to prevent joint problems, cope with existing joint issues, and provide pain relief when needed. When it comes to holistic horse health, I follow a three step … Continue Reading »