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Horseman’s Health: How to Support Your Memory with Natural Solutions

How’s your memory? Where did I put my keys? What did I come in here for? Who was I supposed to call? Do any of these sound familiar? Probably. Most of us have memory lapses from time to time. Memory loss can range from occasional forgetfulness to Alzheimer’s and dementia for a variety of reasons. … Continue Reading »

Horseman’s Health: What is GMP by NSF International?

What is GMP by NSF International? What is GMP anyway? Is it related to GMO or other acronyms in the alphabet soup of life? Well, if you have wondered, “What is GMP,” then we can spell it out for you: GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices Simple enough, right? In fact, the GMP regulations are outlined … Continue Reading »

Holistic Horse Health: Blue green algae as a feed for horses

As I was finding yet one more use for my empty algae containers I got to thinking. Since I started on a holistic horse health program about 20 years ago my favorite blue green algae has been one of my most consistent recommendations as a feed for horses. Blue green algae has been part of … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Earth Horse Musculo-Skeletal Support

Earth horses tend to need support for their muscles rather than their joints, and high-quality protein helps the Earth horse temperament develop strong, supple muscles. The goal in feeding the Earth horse is to offer foods or supplements that contain high-quality protein without excess calories. Alfalfa, for instance, is a rich source of protein, but … Continue Reading »

Detoxification: Just the Facts, Please

We hear the word “detoxification” so often these days that it’s become a common part of our language, but do we really know what it is? If you’ve been a little confused about detoxing, this article will give you some basics about it. Our bodies detoxify everyday – it’s simply the process of processing or … Continue Reading »

Swallowing Sunlight and Other Goodies

Guest Post Alan Joel Being an avid consumer of AFA blue-green algae,  I’m always interested in learning more about this incredible  superfood, even though I already know so much about it. I am  constantly amazed at what I discover. For instance, just the other day I read that chlorophyll, a substance  that is very dense … Continue Reading »

Horse Joints: Horse Health Care for Young Horses

Spring is just around the corner and this is the time many people start thinking about sending their young colts to trainers, either to be started under saddle or for more advanced training. Many people send their horses for training with futurities, derbies, and classics in mind … all events catering to young horses. While … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Preventing Horse Ulcers During Antibiotic Therapy

These days, horse lovers are becoming aware of the many factors that can cause horse ulcers. Antibiotic therapy is one of the main culprits, and many horse owners are anxious to prevent ulcers from occurring if their horse must have antibiotic therapy because of an injury or acute illness. But here they run into a … Continue Reading »

Horse Health Care: Is Your Horse Drinking Enough Water This Winter?

You know what they say about leading horses to water and making them drink … During the cold winter season, many horses drink less than they should, setting them up for impaction colic, poor digestion, and other kinds of problems. Most horses drink 8-10 gallons of water when the weather is warm, but may drink … Continue Reading »

Horse Feed: How to Feed the Horse that is Both Fat and Thin

How is this for frustrating when it comes to horse feed: you have a horse that has fatty deposits on his neck and back as well as a hay belly, but still has ribs showing and very little top line? It’s enough to drive any horse owner crazy …and believe me, I have seen quite … Continue Reading »

On Blue Green Algae and Horses

Blue-green algae plays a very important part in my holistic healing practice for horses. The blue-green algae I have been using for the last two decades comes from Klamath Lake in Oregon. It is  distributed through network marketing. It is very high in chlorophyll, beta-carotene, vitamin B-12, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. I trust this … Continue Reading »