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Even though I have felt this move coming on for a long time it was still hard to pack up and leave the clinic. I have so many memories there. I finally had to have my friend, Rita, come in and clear out all the records as it was too hard for me. The good news is that many of my patients are still alive and kicking and rarely need vet work now that they are being managed holistically. This is the shift that God has led me to focus on–spreading the word about holistic care rather than treating a smaller number of horses personally. I still see enough horses to witness the power of holistic care first hand and to keep me on my toes with my studies.

Right now I am in a state of limbo with the barn moved to Fischer but no electricity or water there yet so the horses are still in the pasture at the clinic. With the barn and the portable building moved it feels like it did when I first bought the land 23 years ago but then I look around at the trees I planted and they are about 40 feet tall. It is amazing to me that what seems like yesterday can be so long ago. Makes planning for the future even more fun.

I am not riding at all right now and I miss it but I was not able to keep a training schedule and decided it was better to simply give the horses time off. I can tell Cerise is bored and wants to get back to work but she is being good about it. I keep promising her it will be better when we finish the move. In the meantime the grass is going like crazy in Fischer and should be nice pasture in a few more weeks.

I got word that my electricity should be hooked up next week so I will be able to move forward with finishing the barn and apartment. I am getting another loan so I am waiting on that paperwork as well. I feel such strong conviction that this move is the right thing for me that I have been able to stay centered despite feeling like I am spread all over the countryside. I am still living a Oak Haven farm and I have such a wonderful support team of friends here. Leaving Oak Haven will be even harder that leaving the clinic but at least with that move I know I can always come back anytime to visit. Leaving the clinic is much more like closing a chapter on my life. Madalyn

The Clinic Cleaned Out
The Clinic Cleaned Out

How the Clinic Looks Without the Barn
Clinic without Barn

How the Clinic Looks Without the Tack Room
Clinic Without Tack Room

The Barn and Tackroom in Fischer
Barn and Tack Room in Fischer

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