Earth or Metal Horse Personality? A Case of Mistaken Identity

Yesterday I got bucked off one of my green mares, Reyacita, whom I had taken to be an Earth horse personality. We adopted this mustang mare from BLM about a month ago and I had thought she was an Earth type because she loved to eat and she was very gentle and calm. I climbed on her the second day we had her home and she has been very easy to start under saddle.

I had not worked her for about a week so I decided to take her over to a friend’s house and ride her. I saddled her up and took her into the round pen. She remained calm when I got on her back, but after taking two steps she put her head down and began bellowing … and bucking. According to my friend, Reyacita bucked like a rodeo bronc – with all four feet off the ground and about four feet off the ground. She went left, she went right, and I came off! Not exactly an Earth horse personality’s response to stress. I was puzzled.

While the world was still spinning around, my friend Heidi bitted up Reyacita and drove her around the round pen for 20 minutes. Reyacita calmed down pretty fast and went right to work. I then got back on her and she behaved beautifully.

Today, when I went to get her out of the pasture to trim her feet, I noticed that she was standing off by herself. Looking back, I realized that I had seen her standing off by herself many times. This gave me a clue that Reyacita was perhaps a Metal horse personality rather than an Earth type. Metal horses are not gregarious and often hang out by themselves. While Reyacita does love to eat, she was quite thin when we got her from BLM so maybe her constant eating was just an attempt to make up for all those missing calories.

In addition, when I trimmed her feet Reyacita was quite calm and didn’t seem to hold any sort of grudge about yesterday’s little escapade. She was very quiet and allowed me to trim her feet with no problem. She wasn’t worried, fearful, or upset. So I think I have a case of mistaken identity here. I took Reyacita to be an Earth horse because of her gentleness and love of food, but her aloofness from the herd and lack of reaction to the unusual circumstances yesterday points more to Metal.

In the meantime, I might go take the Five-Element Horse Personality Test to get a more detailed analysis or dig out my Horse Harmony book and do some reading. More will be revealed as training continues!

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