Don’t Be Fooled by the Friendly Jue Yin Horse Personality

A couple of days ago I dropped by to see my friend’s new group of weanling mustang babies. She had four of them and all of them had been brought home straight from a gather at a local mustang herd management area. They were all very wild. Of the four, one tiny paint weanling was the friendliest of the lot. He had the most curious horse personality of all the foals and willingly followed us around as we walked around. He let us pet him all over and would mischievously nip at our pants.

If I hadn’t had a mustang filly just like this little curious weanling I would have been fooled into thinking that the weanling was going to be the most easygoing of the lot. But with just one look in this weanling’s eyes I knew that he was has a Jue Yin horse personality (learn more about horse personalities in the Horse Harmony book). This type (a Wood/Fire combination) is often the most curious of all the types and often-times the biggest troublemaker.

My own Jue Yin filly turned out to be easy enough to halter break and groundwork, but when it came to working under saddle she was inconsistent and had strong opinions, usually in opposition to my own. She maintained her extremely friendly and curious horse personality the whole time I had her but I eventually had to sell her because she proved too inconsistent to train as a performance horse. Jue Yin horses are characterized by inconsistency on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis and do best in undemanding environments.

I’ll be very interested to see how my friend’s weanling turns out as he gets older. Mustangs with a Jue Yin horse personality can be a particular challenge to saddle break and train, but my friend is an extremely patient trainer who tends to work with rather than against a horse’s personality so the results should be fairly harmonious.

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