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Is Your Horse a Blue Heeler?

If your horse was a dog, would he be a Blue Heeler? If a strong competitive streak, boldness, courage, high energy, and a tendency toward destruction when bored are characteristics of your horse, then he might just be a Blue Heeler! These character traits would also make your horse a tough Wood temperament type. Our … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Louie, an injured racehorse, shines in a show

I had the privilege to exhibit Louie at the recent LOPE benefit horse show. Louie is a 4 year old ex racehorse looking for a new career after bowing a tendon. After working with Louie for a few hours I typed him as a Yang Ming(Metal/Earth) horse temperament. Yang Ming traits in Louie: Long back … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Punkin’s potty mouth

As a Jue Yin(Wood/Fire) horse temperament, Punkin lacks in social graces. This is not his fault and he never intends to insult but the Jue Yin type does not naturally take into account the needs of others. This tendency to insult without intention got me and Punkin into trouble a few weeks ago. I have … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse a German Shepherd?

If your horse was a dog, would he be a German Shepherd? Not sure? Check out our new fun-loving and somewhat patriotic video about the Metal horse temperament type (a.k.a. the German Shepherd) on YouTube. Is Your Horse a German Shepherd? If you missed our past videos on Labradors and Poodles, check them out (along … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Punkin, a reactive Jue Yin

Kim had her first fall off of Punkin this morning. They have both been doing fantastic so we were due for a slight setback. As a Wood/Fire(Jue Yin) horse temperament, Punkin is reactive and we have to always remember this. Kim was practicing leading Punkin up to the trailer step to get on and for … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Punkin’s first road trip

Punkin, my Wood/Fire(Jue Yin) pony, went on his first adventure off the farm. I hauled Punkin and my Fire horse temperament, Cerise, to a local ranch horse versatility clinic. We did not compete but spent the day hanging out around the arena and out in the parking lot around all the other horses and activity. … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Progress with Punkin

My new Wood/Fire(Jue Yin) pony, Punkin, is coming along fantastic. After he was nervous about being ridden, Kim and I have been focusing on his groundwork. We have been getting him really soft about bending his head both ways and moving his hind end separate from his front end without bracing in his ribs. Kim … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: First ride on Punkin

Punkin, my Wood/Fire (Jue Yin) pony, is coming along great in his training. He has a very willing attitude and wants very much to please me and my friend, Kim. The Wood horse temperament is more likely to slow down and buck when he is upset and the Fire Horse temperament is more likely to … Continue Reading »

Is Your Horse a Labrador?

In my veterinary practice, I have discovered that treating a horse according to his temperament type is one of the most important factors to horse health and happiness. I’ve been talking to lots of people about this around the country. I’ve been writing about it in blogs and newsletters. Some people get it. Some people … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Punkin gets a saddle

Punkin is progressing at a steady pace despite the fact that Kim and I have not been able to work with him every day. As a Jue Yin(Wood/Fire) horse temperament, Punkin does not really need a daily work routine. He is quite happy when he gets attention and just as happy when he is left … Continue Reading »

Horse Temperament: Is your horse in pain or being a pain?

Had an interesting session yesterday with my Fire horse temperament mare, Cerise. Cerise had been working very well over the last few months and her attitude was very good. Up until a few weeks ago I was riding her and then my 71 year old friend was riding her some after we finished our training. … Continue Reading »

Refined Horsemanship: How to catch a horse

Details are so important in refined horsemanship including how to properly catch a horse. Punkin, my new welsh pony, did not want to be caught. He was easy to catch in the trailer when he was delivered, but once he was loose in a pen he was not so good. Punkin would wheel and take … Continue Reading »

Who Are You? A Horse Temperament Typing Dilemma

If you don’t know what motivates a horse to perform, how can you train your show horse to be a healthy and happy athlete? This was certainly the dilemma faced by Beckett’s owners … and many other people in the horse world as well! Beckett was a beautiful fine-featured Hanoverian gelding who was bred for … Continue Reading »

How Does Burnout Feel to a Horse?

The word “burnout” is now being used a lot in regard to horses, but do we really know what burnout means or how it feels to a horse? Burnout can be a complicated condition, and manifests differently in different temperament horses. In short, burnout is the condition where the horse has been pushed beyond his … Continue Reading »

How to Handle the Angry or Naughty Horse

Does your horse seem to wake up on the wrong side of the pasture often, or have a short fuse? Does he seem quick to anger? Or is he always acting naughty by destroying fences, pestering his herd mates, bucking you off, or spooking even when he is not afraid? If so, then you probably … Continue Reading »

Training the Get-Up-and-Go Horse

Does your horse have so much get-up-and-go that he can barely stand still? Does he run from the far end of the pasture to the water trough … even though he could just as easily walk? Is trotting his favorite gait? If so, then you probably have a Tai Yang (Water/Fire) temperament horse … and … Continue Reading »

Can You Handle the Truth about Your Water Horse?

After several years of helping people temperament type their horses I have arrived at a rather funny conclusion: while many people love the idea of temperament typing, they don’t always love every aspect of their horse’s temperament. The Water Horse – An Example For instance, the amateur dressage rider who is fascinated by horses in … Continue Reading »

Right Horse + Right Human = The Dream Match!

If you put the right horse together with the right human, even the wildest dreams can come true. Grand Prix jumper courses can be navigated with amazing skill. Roping can be accomplished in the blink of an eye. Dressage can become a form of art in motion. By the same token, when you put the … Continue Reading »