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Earth or Metal Horse Personality? A Case of Mistaken Identity

Yesterday I got bucked off one of my green mares, Reyacita, whom I had taken to be an Earth horse personality. We adopted this mustang mare from BLM about a month ago and I had thought she was an Earth type because she loved to eat and she was very gentle and calm. I climbed … Continue Reading »

Update on the Earth Horse Personality for the Reining Weenie

I just got done posting about how my gelding, Walker, is perfect for me because I am a reining weenie and my gelding is an Earth horse personality. He bears my mistakes and doesn’t try to kill me. But … and this is a big but … I just realized that Walker isn’t bearing the … Continue Reading »

The Earth Horse Personality: The Perfect Match for a Reining Weenie

I admit it freely: I am a reining weenie. I was raised in the hunter/jumper world and just recently joined the reining world by purchasing a 3-year-old gelding from a reining trainer I ride with. I had been told that my Shao Yang personality would be unsuitable for reining due to her conformation so I … Continue Reading »

The Metal Horse: A Cowboys Good Usin’ Gelding

This weekend I got involved in a conversation about cowboys and what they consider to be good “usin’ geldings,” to use their terminology. I’ve lived in the country for eight years now and when I say “cowboy” I mean people who get on horses and push their cows from place to place, or rope their … Continue Reading »

Horse Personality Types: Why Bad Horses Happen to Good People

The number of truly “bad” horses in the world is probably pretty tiny. On the other hand the number of bad matches between horses and humans is probably fairly large. Here are three recent examples I have witnessed of a horse personality clashing with a human one, leading to very bad results. The Reiner A … Continue Reading »

Book Review: “What Horses Reveal” by Klaus Hempfling

My friend recently lent me this book, “What Horses Reveal” by Klaus Hempfling, and I had a fascinating time delving through its pages. The book is a very complete and complex system of personality typing. The system uses mostly facial features, like the structure and placement of the eyes and nostrils for instance, along with … Continue Reading »

Don’t Be Fooled by the Friendly Jue Yin Horse Personality

A couple of days ago I dropped by to see my friend’s new group of weanling mustang babies. She had four of them and all of them had been brought home straight from a gather at a local mustang herd management area. They were all very wild. Of the four, one tiny paint weanling was … Continue Reading »

The Immutable Shao Yang Reality

Picture if you will this scenario: you have a performance horse you are trying to teach lead changes by starting in the counter-canter. The horse knows perfectly well how to counter-canter as well as how to pick up the correct lead. The horse refuses to hold the counter-canter through the turns but insists on breaking … Continue Reading »

Gorgeous Horse Tails — Good Care or Good Health?

This past year I’ve been to a variety of horse shows, including breed shows, open shows, hunter/jumper shows, reinings, and cuttings. Breed shows are a huge novelty to me, especially the Appaloosa breed shows I mostly attended. As you may know, many Appaloosa’s have very short or skimpy tails simply because of their genetics. To … Continue Reading »

Eating Habits of Each Horse Temperament

Ever since I’ve been privy to the information in Madalyn’s book Horse Harmony I’ve been fascinated with the habits and actions of each type. One of the things that cracks me up the most about each horse temperament is the way they eat! Having owned or cared for all of the five major types I’ve … Continue Reading »