Horseman’s Health: Winter Skin Protection

By guest contributor Barb Swanson
(author of Beyond Foods: The Handbook of Functional Nutrition)

6 Tips for Healthy Skin This Winter

No doubt about it, winter is here! Depending on your location, it might be snowing, sleeting, raining, or maybe, just maybe… it’s sunny and 70 degrees. No matter the conditions, the undeniable fact is that it is DRY! The humid summer weather is hibernating and the parched winter winds are whipping. 

The fact of the matter is, the environment around us continuously shifts throughout the year, and our bodies and mindset shift along with it. This shift is regular for us, but for some parts of the body, it can be hard to keep up. This is especially true for our skin!

As our outermost layer of protection, our skin is the most susceptible to the changing elements. It’s no wonder winter is known to dry out the skin on our hands, bodies, and especially the sensitive skin on our faces. 

The good news: there is hope! Skin that is healthy and full of life doesn’t have to go into a dull and dry hibernation. By following some simple tips and tricks, you can make a huge difference in the way your skin looks and feels this winter. 

  1. Drink Up. Drinking water is an essential part of our lives, but can often be forgotten during the business of our days. Along with many other health benefits, drinking water can help to keep your skin hydrated and feeling smooth. If you notice that your hands or lips are getting dry or peeling, it could be a sign of dehydration. Hydrating your cells is the first step to healthy skin and overall wellness, no matter what time of year it is.
  2. Keep it Humid. For most skin types, having humidity in the air can do wonders for your skin. When there are increased levels of moisture in the air, some of that moisture gets absorbed into your skin, preventing it from drying out. During the cold, dry winter months, using a humidifier to keep the air in your home or office from becoming dry will help keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Exfoliate Less. Exfoliating is great for getting rid of dead skin on your face and body, but doing it too much can throw off your body’s natural process of skin cell replacement and cause damage to your skin barrier. Skin that is being exfoliated too much will only become drier faster, leaving you with flaky, red, and irritated skin. During the winter months, exfoliating one or two times a week should be plenty to get the job done.
  4. Go for Natural. Just as you’re conscious about the foods you put in your body, be aware of the products you put on your skin, and go for natural and organic when you can. Think about it this way, everything you put on your skin enters your body. Be sure to avoid skincare products that are loaded with harsh chemicals and stick to products that are filled with skin-loving ingredients that are known to nourish your ever-important outer layer of protection.
  5. Protect It with Sunscreen. We all know how important it is to wear sunscreen during the hot summer months, but just because the days are shorter and the weather is colder doesn’t mean you should skip this important step in your skincare routine. Even when the sun is hiding behind clouds, there are still UV rays beaming down that can damage your skin. Protect your skin by investing in a natural, organic sunscreen and making it a non-negotiable part of your winter skincare routine.
  6. Nourish it Inside and Outside. To maintain a healthy pigment and glow, your skin needs plenty of nutrients. For the best results, you’ll want to make sure your skin is getting this nourishment from both the inside and outside. While nourishment from the inside will come from things like your diet or supplement routine, nourishment from the outside is most conveniently done with your skincare products, especially your moisturizer. When choosing a new moisturizer for the winter months, look for one that includes ingredients soothing aloe vera, moisturizing coconut oil, protecting jojoba oil, and nourishing organic Wild Microalgae®. Better yet, get all those ingredients and more in one convenient bottle of Nutrabeautiful.

Winter is here and in full swing. With dry air, cold weather, and busy schedules, you’re skin is sure to need all the extra love and care you can give it. Put these tips and tricks into practice and give your skin everything it needs to stay healthy and glowing all winter long.

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